Configure For Microsoft Azure Devops


To configure a project for Azure DevOps pipelines you need to configure a webhook for your repository.


Configuring any project to report data to BuildBasis requires an API key. You can view your organization’s API key in the BuildBasis Dashboard API Page.


1.) Navigate to your project in Azure DevOps

2.) Navigate to the project settings page

3.) Within the “General” heading select “Service hooks”

4.) Click “Create”

5.) Within the “Service Selection” modal select the “Webhooks” option

6.) Configure the webhook

  • For the “Trigger on this type of event” selection select: “Build Completed”

  • For the “Build pipeline” step select whichever pipeline handles your build process (or leave it as [Any])

  • For the “Build Status” option leave the default value of: [Any]

7.) Click “Next”

8.) Configure the webhook action settings.

  • The URL you will use is:

  • In the “HTTP Headers” field enter this value: X-Api-Key: BUILDBASIS_API_KEY X-Buildbasis-Platform: azure

  • Leave the fields: “Resource details to send”, “Messages to send”, and “Detailed messages to send” as “All”

  • In the “Resource Version” dropdown select “2.0-preview.2”

9.) Run a pipeline and the project will be viewable within BuildBasis.